My GP suggested I take up yoga due to recurrent back problems. Although very worried at first due to not being at all stretchy or fit (thus my GP’s recommendation!) I found Annemaries’ classes were very welcoming. She was lovely and  patient, carefully showing me what I had to do to regain flexibility. I found my body responded very quickly and soon was able to use muscles I’d forgotten I owned.  Highly recommend these classes.

Nivian H – Optometrist


As a qualified yoga teacher, I have found it frustrating to experience courses and teachers who did not really grasp the true intentions of yoga. Fortunately Annemarie’s classes were immediately very inspirational and rewarding. Thoughtful and well-paced classes with an attention to detail and transferred with an infectious joy.

Stephen C – Garden Designer

I didn’t know what Iyengar yoga was before I met Annemarie – what I’ve learned since attending her classes is that it’s a very thoughtful and disciplined approach to movement, and that it helped me to find connections to my body in a way that I hadn’t thought about before. Annemarie always creates a safe and welcoming environment, no matter your size, shape or ‘able-bodiedness’ – something that I’ve found lacking in many other yoga classes that I’ve attended in Bristol. I’d recommend Annemarie’s class if you’re looking for a fun and challenging way of doing yoga.

Andrea J – Pilates Instructor

Annemarie’s online General Yoga classes have become a staple and highlight of my week. Annemarie’s instruction and individual feedback is clear and constant – the online Zoom format works really well as she demonstrates the poses and gives us feedback. Especially good as I am a beginner student.  Each week I have fun, get to push myself and enjoy learning more from her expert insight and teaching. I couldn’t recommend Annemarie’s classes enough!

Matt G – Property Manager